Sunday, April 13, 2008

Midstate Trail Part 2 - Import from Myspace

So since the first hike went so quickly and easily, I decided to up the ante. The next hike was set for April 13 and the snow was still sticking to even the Belknap range. It was time to take on Section 2 of the Midstate. Once my hiking email list confirmed or denied their ability to come along, I let them know that it was to be an 11-mile hike (ok that was a tiny bit evil!) and to let me know if they thought the could handle it. One couple did back out, they stated it was due to taxes. I have my doubts! So it was just the boys and me.

We met at Dan's and then put a car at each end of the trail. We started out in Orford walking on the roads and dutifully following the yellow triangles. Little did we know that we would be on roads for a very long time.
There was a brief journey into the woods.
But then we went back out on to the road. We saw some beautiful homes and several old cemetaries. In all honesty, the road was a bit wearing on us.

This road is designated as a Massachusetts Scenic Road. It was pretty but I wouldn't say it was all that special. At the end of that road we came across a cute little milk store. We knew it was a milk store because it said so....

That's also when it started to rain. But our buddies Black and Brown didn't seem to care...
We got to the border of Sutton and Douglas and I pulled out the map. I swear the roads were not described as this long but I've been known to gloss over things like this before.
We finally got to the woods with only 4 miles left to go. There were some water crossings ... and lots of flat land.

Just before we found Dan's car we saw this guy...
and he just kind of sums up the whole experience. Afterwards, we went to Pizzaria Uno for some dinner. I had forgotten about what huge portions are there. We also were kind of lacking in trying to find a new restaurant to try. There seems to be very little on the web for that area when it comes to restaurants. If you have suggestions please let me know.

It was a good hike. Road hiking is not something I really like to do and my hip was bothering me the next day. However, it was a huge section of trail to get done and the next segment looks as if it is truly in the woods again! Next scheduled hike is Memorial Day weekend, however, there may be one sooner than that!