Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Steps

This winter the hubby and I were blessed to have the Little Dude join our family.  While HE won't be doing any hiking until he starts walking, the two grown ups in our family plan to expose him to the outdoors as much as we can.  We're starting with short hikes at forests close to home for now.  There are tons of places near us that are just crying out for exploration.

Over the winter a friend suggested that I check out a free app for my smartphone called AllTrails.  Since I'm  assuming you are reading this on something larger than a phone, feel free to head to their

The app uses your phone's GPS to locate trails and paths in your immediate area based on you're activity interest.  You can rate the trails, find them on a Google map, see the trail's topo map, and write a review yourself.  I have yet to find a way to add other trails to the system via my phone.  On the website, you can connect with other hikers.

I look forward to using this to find new trails to follow.