Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am a natural list maker and follower. Love "to do" lists, "travel" lists, "wish" lists, ect. That is why I am a natural peakbagger. I discovered a few years ago This fabulous site has hiking lists from all over the world of various challenge levels. Some I know I'll never accomplish, like the 7 Summits of the World. Others I have a great start on. You can check out my list and maybe make one of your own.

For me the list is another way to get outdoors. I'm able to try new trails and perhaps challenge myself a bit more than if I were to hike the same tried and true trails over and over. This all started, for me, when I picked up The 4000-Footers of the White Mountains by Steven Smith. I never even knew there was such a hiking list. From then I was hooked. At the moment I have completed 50% of the AMC's White Mountain Four Thousand Footers List. I hope to complete a large chuck of it next summer and maybe complete it in the next 4 years. Meanwhile, because of, I've found so many other lists that are in the area. It's enough to keep me hiking and outdoors.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hiking Schedule for Next Year

At the end of every hiking season, I plot out my ideas for next year. I know that things change, especially with craziness of work and life in general but I think it's great to have an outline to go by. For those of you who hike with us on a regular basis this is what's in store for 2009.

March 28- Section 3 Going North on the Midstate Trail
April 5 - Section 4 Going North on the Midstate Trail
April 25 - Section 5 Going North on the Midstate Trail
May 9- Section 6 Going North on the Midstate Trail
May 22 - 25 Annual Memorial Day Camping Trip in the White Mountains
June 26 - 28 Mount Jackson
July 10 - 12 Mount Isolation (2nd attempt)
July 24 -26 Mount Clinton and Mount Monroe
August 7 - 9 The Wildcats
August 21-23 Mount Carter
September 4-7 Annual Labor Day Camping Trip in the White Mountains