Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Another Hiking Blog?

I just recently read a blog by Two-Heel Drive that made the case for why hikers should blog about their recent outdoor experiences. Add that to my constant hiking partner's comment about how he wanted to start a website based on my quest to complete the 4000' mountains in NH. I'm not the best writer or the best hiker but I do enjoy spending time on the web and hiking. I've hiked about half of the 4000-footers on the AMC list and then I found and my horizons expanded. I am working on multiple lists and am excited by the different places to get outside. I hike for many reasons but mainly because it is a stress reliever for me. I truly enjoy the view from the top of a high peak and the stillness you can find in the woods. It's Fall now so my hiking has become waylaid by work and then the cold (yes, I'm a wus). So I've started planning for next Spring!