Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring is coming! Finally!

My little guy is one now.  Can't believe how quickly that year went.  This winter I've managed to get some jogging in and even ran a local race.  I learned how much more I enjoy running in the winter than in the summer.

We've had a long tough winter here in New England and the snow is finally disappearing.  This past week the Lil' Dude and I went to storytime in Chelmsford and then decided to pop over to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and see how the conditions were.

We made it about a mile and then the trail was completely covered with about 2 inches of snow.  There were signs of spring about though....  

We were passed by a group of bikers. They decided to push on through the snow.  I watched as they slipped and slid off their bikes.  I'm sure they found more pavement further on down the trail but it must have been hard work to get there.  

The Lil' Dude and I turned back towards the center of town.  We met up with a mom and young daughter that we had passed earlier and got to chatting.  The four of us wandered through the center of town towards the ball fields.  The mom was on roller skates and her daughter was on a trike.

It was terrific talking with them and strolling in the sunshine.  We even exchanged contact information with the hopes of getting outside with our kids again soon.  So in the end, no the trail isn't quite clear yet but we had a great time outside and making new friends.