Sunday, March 22, 2009

Midstate #3

Today we picked up the trail in Oxford at Rocky Hill Road and began our hiking season. There were 9 of us and one 4-legged friend. It was pretty cold to start with temperatures in the mid 30's.
The trail wasn't muddy as the ground was still a bit frozen. We walked through marshes near the Buffumville Dam with little trouble.
There were a few other hikers out, as well as dirt bikers and mountain bikers.

We all were eager to be out and enjoying the day. I lagged behind a bit as I took some pictures of the scenery. There was little wildlife except for some ducks swimming in the marshes.

Since this was our first venture out for the season, I had planned a short trip. I was unsure of some of our new hiking partners' abilities. Everyone proved to be strong and quick. We finished our 6 mile trek well before lunch. Here are a few more pictures of our trip.
After our hike we went to Zorba's in Charlton. Decent food. Pretty good service. But odd policies when it came to billing. Then we went on for the drive home. Next hike is coming soon!