Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hiking Osceolas Last Weekend -Import from Myspace

Last weekend, Ben and I hiked the Osceola peaks (no. 20 and 21) and ran into something interesting that I want to share. No it wasn't a bear. We ran into a camera crew and a young family.

The older boy, Evan, is working on a fundraiser that he developed to raise money to turn his school green. He's hiking 10 peaks of the White Mountain 4000' and raising $5000. It's a really cool thing this kid is doing. I read about it through Views From the Top and I think I caught it again in the Boston Globe. He had a camera crew with him because there is a gentleman from WBZ who is trying to pilot a new program for the Green channel... Backyard Environmentalist. All in all it was pretty neat. Here's a picture of us with Evan.

Check out his blog if you want to be inspired by someone young doing something to impact his world. Summits for My School

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Daniel Brielmann said...

Hi JvB, I'm the guy next to cameraman Curtis. We are still working on the Evan story and when it's done I'll post it on my blog that's in my website The school has create a Veggie Van with the money Evan raised. It's an inspirational story. Thanks for Blogging about it. Dan B