Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hiking Osceolas Last Weekend -Import from Myspace

Last weekend, Ben and I hiked the Osceola peaks (no. 20 and 21) and ran into something interesting that I want to share. No it wasn't a bear. We ran into a camera crew and a young family.

The older boy, Evan, is working on a fundraiser that he developed to raise money to turn his school green. He's hiking 10 peaks of the White Mountain 4000' and raising $5000. It's a really cool thing this kid is doing. I read about it through Views From the Top and I think I caught it again in the Boston Globe. He had a camera crew with him because there is a gentleman from WBZ who is trying to pilot a new program for the Green channel... Backyard Environmentalist. All in all it was pretty neat. Here's a picture of us with Evan.

Check out his blog if you want to be inspired by someone young doing something to impact his world. Summits for My School

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